For more than 2 decades, Dr. Terry Simpson has been involved in health care and health care policy. His work on Southcentral Board of Directors to improve healthcare for 65,000 Alaska Natives has resulted in a model healthcare system that many countries from Singapore to Canada are looking to for answers. The work they have done has led them to obtain two Malcom Baldrige awards in healthcare, one in 2011 and one in 2018. In addition he serves as a board member for the Alaska Native Medical Center. Dr Simpson is currently writing a book about their unique healthcare system and how it can apply to the world's health care crisis.

No stranger to television, Dr. Simpson has been featured on many news shows and national entertainment shows including resident doctor on the syndicated morning show 'Daytime'. When medical trends make news, reporters call Dr. Simpson for his expert advice and opinion. Well versed in many medical subjects, there is almost nothing he can't talk about.

Dr Simpson also has a private practice in weight loss, where he sees patients and continues to operate but states, "I spend more of my time teaching patients to cook than I do operating on them."

Dr. Simpson not only talks about the medical side of losing weight, but also teaches his patients/viewers how to cook healthier meals with recipes that have proven success over the years. Dispelling food myth after food myth, he continues to captivate audiences with the reality of what our body does with the food we eat and how it can affect our day to day lives.

His current project he is filming a new series about the Science and History of food with Simon Majumdar. The program called FORK U, features interactions across continents as they discuss how food affects us. 

Dr. Simpson frequently travels the country speaking about the importance of weight loss and learning to cook at home. One of the early members of Culinary Medicine, Dr Simpson is fearless against those who inject woo into food or medicine. In his entertaining talks, he shares many of the life changes that keep his patients healthy and have helped them lose hundreds of pounds. He is most passionate about food and it's role it plays in a variety of medical and weight issues.


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