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We offer weight loss surgery to a select group of people

Weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) does more than change your stomach or your intestines. It is a surgery that changes how various appetite hormones are regulated, decreases the volume of your stomach so you are satisfied with less, and makes it so you have less hunger. The operations have long-term success where diets, pills, and exercise just don't work as well. 

But we don't think it ends when your operation heals. That is when we get to help rebuild your diet. Your tastes will change, and we use this time to help rebuild your diet for long-term success.

Surgery is not another diet - it is a chance to change your body so you have a chance to lose weight.

Weight Loss Starts with Admiting What You Know Is Wrong

Weight loss is not a diet. It is not a pill. It is not a hormone. It is not an operation.  Weight loss is a change in lifestyle. Weight loss is a journey. The important part of the journey is not only how much you eat, but what you eat. It is getting your body into a state of fat burning, and as long as you are eating highly processed carbohydrates, your body won't do that.  A part of what we find is that people who cook do much better than people who don't cook. But it is also a matter of what you cook. So let's start with the simple premise that what you have learned about weight loss is probably wrong, and hasn't worked.

As a physician helping people to lose weight for 20 years, I've seen a lot of diets come and go.  Everything from the ice-cream diet, the cookie diet - and enough work-out programs that one would think America would have a problem trying to put on weight, not take off weight. People can lose weight on all of those diets- but the weight always comes back, and it comes back with more weight. What has worked for me, and my patients is to change, from what you have been eating, to what you cook. 

Why many of the other weight loss programs fail to do is address the fundamental issues of weight, fundamental issues of how you eat when you are not on their program. If you want to lose weight, you have to change you first. 

Here is What Doesn't Work

Diets won't work

Stop trying to lose weight by dieting, and start looking at what you eat and how much. Besides - calorie counting is a pain, inaccurate, and starving people in the midst of a society where cheap, abundant food is available never works. If you want to lose weight, and keep it off, you cannot be hungry. If you are unwilling to change what you eat, how you eat, where you eat- the odds are you will not lose weight. 

Pills won't work

Then there are medications for weight loss - and they are not a long-term solution, or even a short-term solution in my opinion.  First a warning: those medicines that are available by prescription are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Those medicines that are sold over-the-counter (without needing a prescription) are NOT regulated. Many weight loss precription medications have been taken off the market for safety reasons. Many of the over-the-counter medications should not be used at all.  A pill is NOT the answer to weight loss. And while precription medications have well documented dangers- many of the medications you can get without a prescription are just as dangerous if not more so. Because pills bought without a prescription are not regulated by the FDA - there is no requirement that they do what they claim to do. At best most of the over-the-counter medicines are worthless - at worse, they can harm you.

Food Products Won't Work

They may work as long as you buy their food. They train you to buy convienient food, and keep buying from them. If you don't, you will regain weight, because you now have not learned to cook, but have learned to buy more convienient (and often tasteless and very expensive) food. So before you purchase medifast or Jenny Craig consider this: do they have a program to wean you away from those foods, or are they a place to keep coming back for more?

Exercise alone won't work.

The favorite of people who were once athletes. The mistake that you can exercise and eat what you want because you did when you were 19. You cannot out perform a bad diet. I want you to exercise, I want you to exercise responsibly, but without changing what you eat, and cooking - it won't work. 

Changing how you eat - and what Does work

Confusing the information out there isn't it. The body isn't made to lose weight, the body is made to find fuel and use it, and our society has made rapid fuel widely available. The body is efficient at storing energy. So to combat that you have to use fuel sources that bring your body into the fat-burning (or catabolic state). Not through hunger, but biochemistry.

So learning to cook great food, not settling for less - that is a start. Not hunger, not a diet, not a food supplement, not the proprietary RM3, not HCG. In culinary medicine, our first goal is to teach you how to eat and hopefull  even how to cook. 

For those patients who need more help, I do weight loss surgery - but we treat it more than an operation, it is a journey. A journey we can help you through. Our goal is to help you transform your weight loss journey into a reality. But before you go there- I get patients to adopt a lifestyle that sets them up for success after surgery. 

More than 50 pounds to lose?

With large amounts of weight to lose you might consider surgery.  This website isn't about the surgery- it is about the lifestyle. I don't think surgery alone is ever the answer, which is why I spend more time teaching my patients to cook then I do operating on them.  But if you feel that you need more help for your weight, Visit our website: http://drsimpson.com 

Until then, start your journey by examining your lifestyle: what you eat, and where you eat. Perhaps it is time to make some great changes!

Terry Simpson, MD

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