Weight Loss

Medical Scams and Misinformation 

Weight loss is difficult. As someone who did weight loss surgery for thirty years, I've seen every diet out there. While weight loss surgery provides a tool for people to lose weight, without the right follow up and diet, people will fall back into their old habits and some will regain. 

You Can Lose Weight with Any Diet

It doesn't matter if you go carnivore, vegan, eat only ice cream, twinkies - you can lose weight with all of them. When you lose weight you will feel better, some of your laboratory values will get better, and some of you can get off some medications. 

But what about the long-term? 

Are you going to eat just steak for the rest of your life? 

Are you going to go back to what you did before and when you gain do that fad diet again?

What Science Shows

The best diet for health is the Mediterranean style diet, we call it the Med Diet. It's American cousin is the DASH diet (which stands for dietary approach to stop hypertension). 

This is the best diet for long-term health, with thousands of publications backing that up.

We showed that people who followed the MED diet - getting five to nine points per day - had the best long-term weight loss and health. 

So we teach that diet.


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