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Dr. Terry Simpson, MD is a physician,  research scientist, weight loss surgeon, cook, author, husband, dad, and a proponent for healthy eating. 

Dr. Simpson recently joined Dr. Helmuth Billy in Ventura, California combining to make one of the most experienced weight loss surgery groups in the nation. 
"Dr. Billy and I are both dedicated to meticulous care of our weight loss surgery patients, and it has been a great fit."

Weight loss surgery is an amazing tool that improves patients metabolically. Be that from diabetes or even COVID19.


Weight Loss Surgery and COVID19

Obesity is the most common factor of patients ending up on a ventilator. By doing weight loss surgery we dramatically decrease the risk of a patient ending up on a ventilator – within the first month the average patient has lost 15% of their excess body weight and hypoventilation risk is diminished.

Obese patients are on ventilators longer than non-obese patients. They require more resources – and even after one month the weight loss improves the patient’s ability to fight off infection and since we have their nutrition regulated many are in the best metabolic shape they have been in for years.

We have a unique window this summer when COVID19 will decrease. By getting patients started on their weight loss journey we will decrease their risk when the re-emergence of COVID19 occurs in the fall.


The other way to revolutionize your health is in your kitchen.  We have a lot of good studies behind what foods work. Did you know if you follow the DASH diet and restrict sodium that you can have better blood pressure control than if you took the common medicines for blood pressure? Imagine, you eat your way into health. Medicines are great, if we need them, but where we start is what you eat. 

Having written several books, articles about weight loss, and the science behind it - Dr. Simpson has always insisted that his weight loss surgery patients not just eat less – but eat better and cook.

I spend more time teaching my patients to cook, than I do operating on them.

When it comes to food, Dr. Simpson is an advocate of getting the best product and cooking it. His flavor for fruits and vegetables came from his backyard (in Ketchikan, Alaska) and mother's table. Terry's mom, his first teacher in the kitchen, used Alaskan fresh fish, berries from their yard and root vegetables "like a scientist in a lab."

His blog and podcast called YourDoctorsOrders.com is devoted to teaching healthy living - and many times debunking popular myths about what is healthy and what is a fad. 

If you don't know how to cook, you are at the mercy of the worst cooks, be it a restaurant, or re-heating processed food - none of which will help you stay healthy.

Some of Dr. Simpson's favorite recipes are found on this site - they are the ones he teaches to his patients on a daily basis.

Dr. Simpson started his career doing molecular research and virology - with DNA engineering. 

As an Alaskan Native (of Athabascan descent) he serves on several boards and has helped transform health of all Alaska Natives.  He is currently on  the Southcentral Foundation – a primary care foundation that has provided a model of health care for the nation. Those transformations led to the prestigious 2011  Malcom Baldridge award for health. He is also a member of the Joint Operating Board for the Alaska Native Medical Center.  For his work Dr. Simpson received the National Indian Health Board 2013 Area Impact award.

The proof is in the Nuka model of Care of SouthCentral Foundation. This model has increased access to primary care physicians and decreased health care costs. Our current system in the United States is broken - and continues to lead to increasing costs with less benefits. We have shown how to reverse that

Alaska Natives love their culture, their food, and they stay far more healthy eating their subsistence foods than when they venture into the processed foods brought to Alaska.  

Dr. Simpson received his undergraduate, graduate, and medical degree from The University of Chicago. He did his surgical residency at Virginia Mason Medical Center, in Seattle. He did his culinary medicine training at the Goldring Institute at Tulane in New Orleans.

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