Recipes - Early Post Op - liquid phase

The first phase after any surgery is called "clear liquids.  From clear liquids most go to full liquids. It is how the liquids behave in the stomach that determines them. Some might think - liquids you can see through, but it probably should be thin liquids.  So in clear liquids there is water, coffee, tea, broths.  Some like cranberry juice- often this has too much sugar. Usually the day of surgery you won't want much else, and these are easy on your stomach.  If you vomit it isn't too bad. No sugar liquids and non-carbonated liquids are what we want.

Starting day one after surgery we go to the "full liquid" diet. This is early for many but many studies show that putting people on full liquids helps the bowels get back to working. This is where you get those delicious smoothies, add some protein powder and away we go.


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