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Chicken Korma - Sous Vide

My chum Simon Majumdar has a great recipe for Chicken Korma, but in looking over it - the recipe seemed perfect for Sous Vide cooking. So here is the Sous Vide recipe - as we change it to a more perfect Sous Vide Style.


Into a small food processor:

Peel the ginger with a spoon, then mince with a fork and add to a food processor along with four cloves of garlic and the salt. Grind to a past.

Place a fry pan on the oven to a medium heat. Once heated (about five minutes) add the vegetable oil to a saute pan then, place into it the onion, chilies, and the ginger/garlic mix and cook for about five minutes (until the onions are done).

Into a blender (Vitamix)

one cup of flour, almond milk, and the tumeric, sugar, and chili powder. Mix.  I leaned that it is best to keep the lid on the blender.

Add the ingredients from a fry pan and blend til done. Again the lid.

Place thighs/ mix and mix in a small bowl. Add the frozen peas. Let sit for a few minutes, just to get them well mixed.

Remove the chicken and sauce and scoop into sous vide bags and seal.

Chicken thighs are a tough meat, they need a bit more time and temperature. The best is 165 degrees in the Sous Vide for 1-2 hours. Over four hours is not good. If you treat these like a chicken breast at 148 degrees they will be ok, but tough and pink appearing. 


Serve over rice.

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