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Gluten Free Turkey Gravy

Before gluten-free was an issue- this is how my mom makes Thanksgiving Gravy - every year. The recipe has worked well for mom's table for the years she made Thanksgiving dinner. Now, as she is older, cooking is a chore - but when she comes to my house- she can't help but be in the kitchen with me, helping, tasting, and providing a great bit of feedback. This is a photo of mom and I in the kitchen Thanksgiving 2011.



Roasted Turkey Pan Drippings


Corn Starch



(1) Once you have taken the turkey out of the oven, and placed it on the counter to rest take the roasting pan and place it on the stovetop and turn the burners on to a medium-high heat. You will need two burners, typically.  Once the drippings begin to sputer a bit then add one cup water to cover the bottom of the pan (usually one cup)  and with a rubber spatula get all the nice brown stuff from the bottom of the pan. Once it is nicely in the water add a tablespoon of corn starch - always mixing it in. If you get the right consistency, you are done.  Too thick add more water- and too thin add one teaspoon of corn starch at a time. 

(2) Sometimes mom would add just enough red wine to help deglaze the pan. Since Thanksgiving has some red wine around it allows you to open the bottle or have a pour for the turkey.


Note that some recipes call for separating out the fat - but the fat in this provides the gravy with a silky texture, and gives the gravy a body that you do not get with just water. 

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