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Second method- roasted chicken

Probably one of my favorite dishes to make is a simple roasted chicken. It is the ultimate comfort food. But there are a few things that you need to do in order to insure that you have chicken that is flavorful and moist. Roasting a chicken provides such wonderful smells for the house - it is warm and inviting. 


There are many ways to roast a chicken - most involve using the whole chicken and stuffing the cavity with ingredients while trussing the bird. I find this method to be easier, and faster, and give better results.  This involves butchering the chicken, so you have the chicken flat in the pan while cooking. 



1 3-4 pound whole chicken

Kosher Salt

Fresh Thyme


Grape Seed Oil





  1. Rinse the chicken off and then pat the chicken dry.
  2. Rain Kosher salt down on the chicken
  3. At this point you can leave the chicken in your refrigerator, uncovered for up to three days
  4. You can see the steps to butcher the chicken.
  5. Pre-heat the oven to 475 degrees
  6. Season the chicken with grape seed oil, salt, and pepper
  7. Use fresh thyme to put between the skin and the meat
  8. Bake in an oven proof pan for 30 minutes (internal temp 145 degrees)
  9. Take it out, and let it rest on the counter top for at least 20 minutes





Pat the chicken dry after a cold rinse. Make sure to rinse the cavity out well



Rain the salt down from about a foot above the chicken- you want a nice coat




Separate the skin from both the breast then turn the chicken over and separate the skin from the thighs










Be sure to salt the cavity of the chicken






Some call this the Pope's nose - a fleshy part at the tail of the chicken. This marks where you will cut


You can use kitchen scissors, but I like poultry scissors to cut along one side of the spine





One side of the spine has been cut


To the other side of the Pope's nose, cut the chicken along the spine. You can use the spine for making chicken stock or you can toss it


Turn the chicken over- and flatten the chicken on the board


Using your weight, press down on the chicken til you hear it separate


Using a chef's knife, cut along the breast bone separating the chicken in half


Gently slide the knife along the breast bone to separate it



Place the chicken in an oven-proof pan



Add grape seed oil to cover the bottom of the pan




This provides the moisture for the chicken


Add pepper



Place in the pre-heated oven for 30 minutes at 475 degrees


Beautiful crisp skin, and moist chicken

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