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Chicken (or turkey) Quesadilla


When it comes to comfort food- I live in the Southwest - and Quesadilla's are one of the easiest and simplest to make. This is a great way to use left-over turkey, or to use some of the broasted chicken that you get from the store.  I find that a sous vide cooked chicken breast works well for this recipe- it will allow you to have a most Quesadilla. 


I like Corn tortillas more than flour-but you can use a flour one if you wish.

1 cup of cooked chicken or turkey. 

1/4 cup of "Mexican" cheese (this is a mix of several cheeses found at most grocery stores)

2 Green onions

1/2 teaspoon of cumin


1 fresh lemon


Guacomole if you like

You need two nonstick fry pans.  Place them both on a medium heat-- one fry pan should easily fit into another fry pan. 

Take the chicken or turkey, and shred it and chop it.  If you have sous-vide chicken in the freezer then put it back in the Sous Vide water oven at 147 degrees for 30 minutes.  Take it out warm. Alternatively you can use Sous Vide Turkey, or the broasted chickens you get from the grocery store. You need about one cup for this.

Mix the warm chicken, cheese, chopped onion, and cumin.

Place the corn tortilla in a HOT non-stick fry pan (dry- no oil or spray).  In about a minute it will be a bit golden. Remove that tortilla to a plate. Place a second tortilla in the pan. Put the mix on the tortilla on the plate- then add the guacamole, salsa, and squeeze lemon on top- and add chopped cilantro. Add the second tortilla and press the top with a hot fry pan and allow to sit for a minute --


Simple- easy- you can also use the above for a taco mix

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