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BBQ Ribs

I love ribs- I love BBQ - and like most who take BBQ seriously - well, it is almost religion.


Ribs are simple-- you need low heat -- and you need a rub -- and you need time.

The RUB:

Equal parts of kosher salt, ground pepper, brown sugar, and paprika

Rub the slab of ribs with these

Have your smoker between 250 and 300 degrees F

For your smoke I recommend a combination of soaked hickory and mesquite wood.

Put the ribs on for about 4 hours- they should come out great and juicy.


Smoking wood-- you can get chunks of this wood from any bbq store. Soak them at least an hour in water before you use them. In fact, you can soak them for a long time in water.  I keep a five gallon plastic bucket with a lid in my backyard. In it I place a cup of Kosher salt and fill half way with water. I keep chips in there.  The salt water keeps most creatures from growing in there- and provides the natural flavor that the Alaska Natives used.  I also keep Cedar planks in the containers to use for planked salmon


I don't use bbq sauce- at all. But there are plenty who like that

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