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Chicken salad for lunch/breakfast/dinner

When I make chicken breasts is my Sous Vide I always make extra.  The reason is I like having lunch for a week!. For those not convinced about Sous Viden you can use any chicken. Some like the "broasted" chickens that the supermarkets carry. They sell them for about a buck more than the frozen ones-- amazing. And they allow you to make a quick, great meal. 


3 celery stalks - cut up into small 1/8 inch pieces (you can buy this pre cut  - you need 8 ounces)

1 dill pickle diced

1/2 cup of mayo

The juice from 1 lemon

6 hard boiled eggs

1 Sous Vide chicken breast (skinless, boneless) - or one small broasted chicken pulled apart 

Optional 2 teaspoons of mild Curry

Sea Salt and ground pepper to taste

Add the ingredients in the order listed  and when you get to the eggs- chop them with a fork, using the celery and the other ingredients to help break up the eggs. - but add curry powder to taste and black pepper to taste.

This is the egg salad portion of it. Now add the chopped up or diced chicken.

Use sea salt to taste (you won't need too much)

Some will prefer relish to the dill pickle. 


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