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Salmon Fish Head


To Alaska Natives there is nothing like the head of the salmon to provide the best taste.  Some think that this is a "throw away" or to use in a soup or stew - but once you taste the meat from the tips of the gills and the fish cheeks you will always want to head of the salmon.


Start with a freshly caught salmon - and once the salmon is cleaned cut the head in half (see the photo to see how to cut it).


Rub the head with some olive oil and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.  If you have some mango salsa or any fruit salsa- it will provide a great balance.  But be careful- the cheeks and gills are not as oily as the belly of the salmon- so you the balance of the fish requires little.  I prefer it with just fresh lemon, sea salt, and pepper

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