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Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

There are a lot of "natural" sweeteners out there today.  Xylosweet, Truvia, and others are marketed with the idea of being natural. The answer is that they are, and some are promoted by some large companies (which may or may not be ok with you). Splenda is an isomer of sugar- simply put- the body will interpret the taste of sugar but won't be able to use it.  So- find one of these products you like and can live with.


Fresh berries are in.  In my backyard in Alaska they were small blueberries- they were tart, they were delicious- they had worms. But in the lower 48 they had large beautiful blueberries - they were beautiful- they had no worms- and they have very little taste. Get some fresh fruit- locally grown.

2 cups locally grown fruits

1 tablespoon of your sweetener

-- cover and refrigerate for ten minutes

Two cups of Plain Greek Yogurt - or if you have some local yogurt even better


Layer fruit- yogurt - fruit-yogurt


Simple- tasty - and pretty awesome.

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