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Selma's Norske Ketchikan Halibut

Selma's Norske Ketchikan Halibut:  

Halibut : Healthy and Low Calorie Cooking


(Watch Dr. Terry Simpson and Jineane Ford cook up a healthy, low calorie halibut dish. It’s fast, healthy, and delicious!)

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My good friend Jineane Ford stopped by and we decided to make a simple Halibut dish that anyone can make.  Here are the ingredients:

Halibut fillets, or Halibut cheeks if you can get them.  About 4 inches of soda or Ritz crackers,  salt and pepper,  and one stick of butter.

To make it:


Into the oven it goes for just 10 minutes or so, or until the halibut is flaky. That’s It!

This is best with fresh halibut– but you could use any flaky white fish.  A two inch piece has about 225 calories.

I am proud of Jineane – in 2006 she had lap band surgery and now is the weight she was when she won Ms. USA in 1989.  Now she is able to eat great food- like halibut- and keep her weight off.

Of course, on the table you need more melted butter to pour over the cooked potatoes (every Norwegian knows you have cooked potatoes with all meals).  

Cole slaw always goes with fish and potatoes.  To quote my mom, "This is the usual Norske meal, and there is no other way. No rice, heaven forbid, and nothing else to mess up our appetites. Just good fresh fish, boiled spuds, fresh slaw, and lots and lots of butter. Ecta Matt" (translation later).    

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