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The Perfect Egg


When I think about breakfast, I think eggs.  But eggs are a great source of protein and why not have them for dinner, or lunch too?  

The perfect egg –  

For me the perfect egg has a creamy white and yolk.  This is a difficult combination to find in restaurants- because most restaurants do not know how to cook the egg perfectly.  

To cook the perfect egg you need the perfect temperature and you need time.  This is not something to rush – so here are three ways you can do it:  

The perfect egg made Sous Vide  

Set the water bath to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Place the egg in the water bath and leave it there for at least 70 minutes.  Leaving it there longer won’t over cook it.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  

If you don’t have a Sous Vide – one other great piece of equipment you might have is the Induction burner – these are like a table top burner, but work using magnetic waves to heat up the pot.  You can place your steel pot on here- and put an egg in at 150 degrees for 70 minutes.  They will keep the temperature perfectly.  

The third way is the classic fried egg:  

If you follow cooking shows you will hear them pontificate that if a person can cook a perfect egg then they can cook. There is a story that a famous chef from France (that is a country where they have chefs that are not from NY, SF, or Sonoma) - use to evaluate young chefs by how they cooked-- this is his recipe.  

First- use a skillet that is the size for the egg or eggs you will make.  

Melt enough butter in a fry pan to cover the pan. Use the lowest heat possible.  The butter should slowly melt, it shouldn’t sizzle, it shouldn’t crackle,  it shouldn’t foam.  

Break an egg into a saucer and then slide it into the warm fry pan. When breaking an egg-- don’t break it on a sharp surface- crack it against a larger surface.  If you get some egg shells in the egg it is easier when it is sitting on a plate to remove them then when you have it in a frying pan.  
Cooking the egg on the lowest heat possible you will see the white of the egg go from clear to white and creamy.  The yolk will stay hot and thicken a bit.  It will take about seven to ten minutes to cook - but it will cook slow and easy and not be burned or over done.  

In the original recipe another bit of butter was used and placed on top of the egg- but we suggest sliding it off onto your plate and seasoning with salt and pepper.  

Simple, elegant-- the egg.  Something you can use for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner.

The egg has no Mediterranean Points.  However, if you add the slice of whole wheat toast you have 1/2 a Mediterranean Point. Add a pan fried tomato and you get 1/4 of a Mediterranean point for fruits (yes, it is a fruit, not a vegetable).

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